RV Adventures: A Trip Out West! Day 2

Sunday, June 6, 2021

We were awake at 5:00 AM (6:00 AM EST) so our day began early. Of course we forgot to turn the propane tank on when we set up camp! (We won’t forget that again!) Needless to say, we each took very quick showers and were definitely wide awake! When everything was packed up we headed back to I-70 West and were on our way by 6:30 AM! Today’s destination is Genoa, Colorado.

The first city we passed through was Kansas City, MO.

We left Missouri after driving around three hours and entered our fifth state of this trip, Kansas!

It’s many quite a few decades since we’ve driven across the state. Plenty of flat fields, farms, Wind Farms and open country!

Grainfield, Kansas is where we stopped for gas. It is a small town in the middle of wheat and the town’s name was given when the Kansas Pacific Railway Company plotted a town site!

Then it was back on the highway and nothing but flat fields again! The speed limit on I-70 in Kansas was 75 mph!

We crossed into Colorado mid-afternoon and also the mountain time zone. It is our second time change and sixth state!

We need to get gas and Flagler, Colorado was where we stopped. When we stopped for gas as long as we have cell service, I always read online about the city. Well, Flagler was giving away free land (about 480 acres) for business or industry and they have a cute diner across from where we filled up with gas. Other than that, there isn’t much!

The last campground and the roads are really dusty and we have proof!


In reading about Genoa, our next stop, the population is under 200 people and one article called it a “ghost town”! It’s only claim to fame was the tower that was erected and you could climb to the top and see six states! It was called the World’s Wonder Tower. It is now closed like many of the buildings in Genoa.

Our campsite there is located a block outside of “downtown” Genoa and across from farm buildings!

We were settled into the campground by 4:00 PM. Our plan was to walk around town but a thunderstorm was approaching and we could see lightning in the distance and heading our way! It was an evening to relax. We watched DVD movie and enjoyed some wine! It was a good day!

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