Matilda’s Adventure- Prairie Oaks Metro Park

Sunday, August 30th, 2020

Some travels are close by your home! Matilda enjoys her daily walks and with Covid-19, she has had several a day! We have many different walking routes around our home but we all enjoy something different. It was a beautiful morning so we took a car ride out to Prairie Oaks Metro Park for our walk with Matilda!

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

This park encompasses over 2200 acres with several lakes and the Big Darby State and National Scenic River which flows through it.

Matilda leads the way!

Big Darby Creek is a tributary of the Scioto River and is well-known throughout the midwest.

Our walk included going over the bridge of the Big Darby Creek and around some of the lakes where people were fishing!

One of the lakes at Prairie Oaks.

We also walked along trails that were surrounded by trees which gave us some much needed shade!

Matilda thoroughly enjoyed her day at the park!