RV Adventures: A trip out West! Day 1

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Today is the beginning of our 26 day adventure heading west! In anticipation of our first really long distance drive in “Miss Daisy”, our name for our Class C RV, we made lists of items we would need, groceries to buy, clothes to pack, etc… Our goal was to hopefully not forget something important or necessary. Dave booked our campgrounds and planned our routes. We checked our lists and and the list for preparation of “Miss Daisy”. Her tires were checked, oil changed, and inside prepared!

“Miss Daisy” and our Prius

We were on the road by 7:00 AM. Matilda, our dog, is staying home and her Aunt Kathy is staying with her. She will be happier staying at home. She still is very nervous traveling in the RV. With all of the miles we will be covering she will be thrilled to not have to ride for long periods of time in the RV! We will miss her and do some FaceTime calls so we can keep in touch with her!

Dave drove “Miss Daisy” like a pro! We covered Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and camped in Columbia, Missouri!

The route was I-70 West almost the entire way today. The orange barrels were minimal and that was a welcome surprise! Once we were near Columbia, Missouri, I turned on the maps on the phone to get us directly to our campground! We were following the turn-by-turn directions until we were in a subdivision. The RV plus towing a car I had Dave stop because this wasn’t looking like right. I double-checked the address and sure enough we were 10 miles out of the way, so Dave masterfully made the turns to get us out of the hilly subdivision and half an hour later than expected, because of our 20 mile detour (10 miles back and the forth, we arrived at our campground. As we followed the correct route we started getting skeptical again because our GPS had us turn on to a gravel road! It was the correct route but the dust coated the RV and the Prius.

The RV park of the resort is sitting on what I would say was a farm field. No trees, just barren land filled with RVs! Setting up has gotten faster and easier for us. Once we were ready, we unhooked the car and went into Columbia to walk around the University of Missouri. We specifically wanted to see the tiger’s David R. Francis Quadrangle. The Quadrangle is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It felt good to be walking after a lot of sitting. Also, one side of the Quadrangle has Thomas Jefferson’s original tombstone.

Today is also Dave’s birthday and he wanted an Italian dinner. We googled and found a “small hole in the wall” restaurant and we enjoyed a delicious dinner and left with dinner for the next day!

Tomorrow will be a long day! Hopefully any mishaps are minor! 😊

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  1. This is so cool! I am looking forward to following along on the trip! Safe travels!!!

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