RV Adventures! “Campground Doug & Sandy”

Saturday, September 5, 2020

With the pandemic, being safe and staying healthy is our priority! It was going to be a great weekend with the weather. Since it was last minute, we were trying to decide where we could go with the RV. “Campground Doug & Sandy” was open and had a perfect spot for us to camp on their property at Indian Lake! Doug and Sandy (our brother and sister-in-law) live in a beautiful home that sits on a beautiful lot near the lake.

Late Friday we brought the RV home from where we store it so we could load it with our belongings and food for the weekend. Saturday morning we walked the dog and got ready to head to Indian Lake. It’s about a hour’s drive from our home. Earlier in the morning the dog was given a relaxing pill to help her with riding in the RV.

Matilda is still nervous about riding in the RV!

We arrived at our “campground” and our hosts helped us locate the perfect spot for the weekend.

Not long after we set up and leveled the RV our nephew and great-nephew and his friend arrived for the day and over night. They were going to put up a tent with an inflatable bed but instead we got out our screen gazebo. The boys enjoyed playing inside it and laying on our hammock! It’s always so much fun to watch the kids enjoy the outdoors!

Relaxing for a short time!

There was still some work that needed to be completed and Matilda is so tired!

This afternoon Doug and Sandy took us for a ride on their pontoon boat. Our ride was quite short because it was really windy! The lake was very choppy and the wind broke the canopy that provides shade. The pictures below were taken in Dunn’s Pond which is a cove of Indian Lake. It was quiet and the water was tranquil! We didn’t take any pictures out on the rough lake because we didn’t want to lose our phone!

The evening ended with a campfire and the boys had the must have S’mores!

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