RV Adventures! “Campground Doug & Sandy” Day 2

Sunday, September 6th, 2020

It was just a gorgeous sunrise as Matilda and I walked around the area!

Our walk led us to the Indian Lake State Park Moundwood Marina and picnic area.

We enjoyed the area to ourselves. It was quiet, no people, boats motoring or people fishing.

Each morning we were thrilled to have our hosts join us in the RV for coffee/tea and conversation! It was relaxing and comfortable.

Matilda makes herself at home anywhere!

We volunteered to cook breakfast for everyone this morning. Our menu consisted of muffins, toast, hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes! Dave is particular about making sure the griddle is level before I start cooking the bacon.

Making sure it’s level!

The campfire is already started for the day and evening!

The fire is going strong!

Breakfast turned out well and really ended up being brunch! We didn’t eat until dinner because we were so full. After we were finished our nephew took some of us for a boat ride. The lake was much smoother today. There wasn’t the wind like we had on Saturday but we still had great temperatures for camping and being outdoors!

“Camp Doug & Sandy” also has a golf cart that their “guests” can use! The facilities here are awesome. 😁

Matilda’s Aunt Kathy got her a Halloween bee outfit so she needed to model it for everyone to see and make sure it fit her! 😅 She’s such a cutie.

At 9:00 PM Indian Lake does a “Ring of Fire”. Volunteers set flares around the lake and it is held every Sunday of Labor Day weekend. We walked over to the lake to watch it. It is beautiful!

What a beautiful way to end the day!

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