Rhine River Cruise Day 6

Monday, November 4, 2019

Our morning was relaxing on the ship as we sailed from Koblenz to Cochem.

This afternoon was spent with a city tour of Cochem and a visit to the Reichsburg Castle.  Our guide was very bubbly and did a good job of showing us the city.

Our guide in front of the Stammbaum der Stadt, a ceramic mosaic by Carlfritz Nicolay.

Cochem mosaic wall that illustrates the history of the city.

Cochem has documented its flooding on the walls in the city.

As we walked through the town we saw many half-timbered homes.  It was such a beautiful town.

Below is the fountain that commemorates the trial of a goat for stealing grapes.


The fountain is in beside the St. Martin Catholic Church which was built around 1130.  Parts of the church were destroyed during WWII but have been rebuilt.


Some more pictures from our walk through Cochem.

After our walking tour we boarded small buses to go up the twists and turns to visit the Reichsburg Castle.

The Reichsburg Castle is not the original castle that stood on the hill in the 12th century.  The original castle was destroyed by the French King Louis XIV in 1689.  It was in ruins until a wealthy businessman from Berlin bought it and rebuilt the castle in 1868.

We also had a tour inside the castle.  It was beautiful.

Below are some of the interior rooms of the castle.

The views from the castle are amazing.

We also had a wine tasting of 3 wines from the Cochem area.  They did give choices between semi-dry and dry white wines after our first tasting which was a sweet white wine.

At dinner it was pirate night and the waiters and servers were dressed up and the tables and menus were a mess!

The evening was a lot of fun.  They did an Amadeus Raffle For 10 euros and you got 5 tickets!  Dave won twice!  The first time was a necklace and the second was a kitchen towel with a recipe on it!  It was another fun-filled day along the Rhine River.

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