Day 8 Best of Amalfi Coast Adventure

Saturday, November 10th, 2018

We left our hotel in Sorrento by 8:30 AM to head to Pompeii.  The road is very narrow and little room for error!


When we arrived in Pompeii we met our local guide.  We walked through a brothel and the forum.  We also walked through a villa that had only been open for 1 1/2 years.  The weather was perfect for exploring this uncovered city from the past.

Mt. Vesuvius is in the distance and looks so unassuming.  It is about 6 miles away.  Pompeii was a busy port city before the eruption.  Pompeii was covered by 20 feet of ash when Vesuvius erupted and that ash added over a mile to the coastline.  Pompeii is no longer on the coast when it was discovered.

After our tour of Pompeii, we drove back to Rome.  On the way we saw Monte Casino which was Italy’s bloodiest battle during WWII.

We arrived at our hotel around 5 PM.

IMG_2783  It was the Romanico Palace Hotel.   Our room was quite unique.

The view from our room!

Once we checked into our room, we put our belongings in the room and took off to visit Trevi Fountain.  It was within walking distance of our hotel!  The fountain was packed with people but we finally made it up close to throw in our coins so we would return to Roma!


The US Embassy was down the road from our hotel.  We walked by the complex on our way to Trevi Fountain.  We met a couple from our group and joined them for dinner at a “mom and pop” restaurant that was recommended by the hotel.  It was called Ristorante La Lampada.  It was a delicious meal.  IMG_3660

It was a great ending to our trip!  Tomorrow we leave to head home!  Our time in Italy was amazing and we look forward to our next adventure!

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