Day 7 Best of Amalfi Coast Adventure

Friday, November 9th, 2018

We were on the motorcoach by 8:30 to travel from Sorrento and drive along a different section on the Amalfi Coast!  The scenery was spectacular!

Our first stop was Tenuta Vannulo, an organic farm which specializes in buffalo mozzarella.  It was an interesting tour and the buffalos are well cared for and even have massagers.

The shop with yogurt and other products made from Buffalo milk.
Buffalo yogurt with orange marmalade.
Making the buffalo mozzarella by hand!
The automated milking station.
The buffalo massagers!
products made from the buffalo leather.


Tasting the buffalo mozzarella.

After touring the organic farm, we went to the town of Paestum.

Part of the town of Paestum.

The town has three of the world’s best preserved ancient Greek temples.  Because it is off the beaten path, it wasn’t crowded.  These Doric temples are thought to be dedicated to the city’s namesake Poseidon (Neptune), Hera and Ceres.  The Temple of Hera is the oldest and was built about 550 BC.  Next door is the Temple of Neptune which dates from about 450 BC and is the most intact except for the roof and some parts of the inner walls.  The third is the Temple of Athena which was built about 500 BC. IMG_2686

The middle of the area consists of the Roman forum and a small Roman amphitheater.

They were filming a movie called “Last Words”.  So we saw evidence of the film crew and scenes set for filming.  It is a futuristic drama that takes place in 2085 and stars Charlotte Rampling, Alba Rohrwacher, and Nick Nolte.  The film is supposedly to be released in 2019.IMG_2676

We toured the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum.

The Tomb of the Diver which depicts a young man plunging toward a pool of water. The set of frescoes from this tomb is one of the main attractions at the museum.

Below are more of the limestone slabs that formed the chamber of the Tomb of the Diver (470 BC) that was discovered in 1968 by an Italian archaeologist, Mario Napoli.

After the museum, we traveled back to Sorrento.  On our way we stopped at an overlook of the city and took some pictures as the sun was getting ready to set.


That evening our group had dinner at a local Sorrento restaurant.IMG_2749

Our menu was printed for us!


The food was delicious and the entertainment was fun!  It was a great evening for our last night in Sorrento!

Addio a Sorrento! (Goodbye to Sorrento)