Day 2 South African Adventure

Wednesday, September 12th

After leaving Columbus to Washington on 9/11, it was a somber flight for many of us.  We were thinking of those who lost their lives.  We are grateful for their courage.  We left Washington on 9/11 and flew over the ocean and refueled in Occra, Ghana.  It was around 3:00 AM EST when the cabin lights came on and it was followed by breakfast being served!  Many of the passengers got off the plane in Occra.  They also “cleaned” the plane before new passengers boarded.  Those of us continuing on were not allowed off the plane!  We wanted to move but needed to stay out of the way of the cleaning staff!

We left Ghana with many new passengers and had a flight of over 5 hours to arrive in Johannesburg, S. Africa.  We arrived a little late but met our tour guide David and boarded our bus that took us to our hotel the Radisson Blu.  It was a very nice hotel but it was a short time spent there.  Our room was on the 21st floor!

The view out our hotel room.
Our hotel.
Our hotel.
Our hotel.
Our bus to take us from Johannesburg to Hazyview!


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