Day 5 South Africa Adventure

Saturday, September 15th

Our wake up call this morning was 3:30 AM! Ugh!  We departed from the hotel at 5:00 AM for our motorcoach ride from Hazyview to Johannesburg.

At a rest stop on our drive to Johannesburg.  We encountered this giant moth that was at least 6 inches in width!  It was a type of emperor moth.IMG_2214

We had a flight that left in the early afternoon and arrived in Cape Town around 4:00 PM.  We boarded another motorcoach that transported us to our hotel, NH The Lord Charles, outside of the city.  It was beautiful weather when we arrived!


Today was a long day of sitting!  We had read about the water shortage in South Africa.  We noticed a lot of public restrooms that had the water turned off in the faucets and instead had hand sanitizer or some had a light spray from the faucet or only one sink that worked.  This hotel had a sand timer in the shower and they asked that you use it and only take a two minute shower.  We saw this sign a lot.IMG_2252

After claiming our luggage, the ten of us eventually met and walked from the hotel over to a restaurant across the street.IMG_2250

Our delicious chocolate after dinner drink! Yummy!

It was an excellent meal with wonderful traveling companions!

Day 3 South African Adventure

Thursday, September 13th

It was an early start to our day as we left Johannesburg to board our motor coach for a tour of the area.

Below is a picture of the FNB Stadium, also known as “Soccer City”.  The 2010 Fifa World Cup was held here.  This stadium is a calabash shape and seats 95,000!

FNB Stadium

We saw Nelson Mandela’s home and Desmond Tutu’s home which are found in the town of Soweto which is a township in Gauteng. We saw quite a variety of homes as we drove through this area.

We saw trash everywhere!

There would be trash just dumped everywhere and people looking through it!

We visited the Orlando Children’s Home. They house 60 residents. We toured the facility and had a chance to interact with some of the orphans that were younger than school age. The older children were in school. They try to find parents to adopt and foster the children so they can take in another child in need of a care giver.

The director of the Home.
Our gifts for the home to use!

Our next stop, Hazyview where we will spend tonight and tomorrow night. It was a LONG ride on the bus to arrive there. It gets dark a little after 6 so we couldn’t see too much of the surrounding area. Tomorrow we explore Kruger National Park!

Day 2 South African Adventure

Wednesday, September 12th

After leaving Columbus to Washington on 9/11, it was a somber flight for many of us.  We were thinking of those who lost their lives.  We are grateful for their courage.  We left Washington on 9/11 and flew over the ocean and refueled in Occra, Ghana.  It was around 3:00 AM EST when the cabin lights came on and it was followed by breakfast being served!  Many of the passengers got off the plane in Occra.  They also “cleaned” the plane before new passengers boarded.  Those of us continuing on were not allowed off the plane!  We wanted to move but needed to stay out of the way of the cleaning staff!

We left Ghana with many new passengers and had a flight of over 5 hours to arrive in Johannesburg, S. Africa.  We arrived a little late but met our tour guide David and boarded our bus that took us to our hotel the Radisson Blu.  It was a very nice hotel but it was a short time spent there.  Our room was on the 21st floor!

The view out our hotel room.
Our hotel.
Our hotel.
Our hotel.
Our bus to take us from Johannesburg to Hazyview!


South African Adventure

Day 1

September 11, 2018

We were up early to get to the airport because we needed to check in. We were unable to check in ahead of time because of traveling internationally. There are 8 of us traveling together through the Hilliard Chamber of Commerce.

It was rainy when we left Columbus but very foggy and rainy in D.C.

On the plane from Columbus to Washington Dulles, we are all smiles! I wonder what we’ll look like after our 17+ hours flight to Johannesburg, S. Africa?

We arrived in Washington with plenty of time to spare (About 5 hours)! We had a nice lunch at Carrabba’s and then we will walk the airport and do some reading to pass the time.