Today is the Day!

Today is the day! 

After much anticipation, we will be leaving this afternoon.  Hopefully all of our flights are on time.

Packing was a real challenge.  We’ve never been gone so long on a trip where the temperatures could be extremely cold.  Layers was our goal.  We also couldn’t pack more than one suitcase a piece and a smaller size carry on due to our flight restrictions in Argentina.

Matilda was our designated supervisor as we laid out items to pack!  I don’t think she cared for all of the clothing and such on the bed!

Our suitcases are ready to be zipped up and begin our journey!  Not much space for the amount of time we are going to be gone.  Obviously we will be using the laundry facilities on our ship because otherwise none of the other passengers or crew would stand near us!

I volunteer in a kindergarten class and a first grade class once a week.  Karen has a small stuffed Tacky the Penguin who will be traveling with us!  I’m interested to see what he will get into during this Antarctic trip.  If you don’t know the children’s book you need to read it.  There is a series of Tacky stories by Helen Lester.  “Tacky was an odd bird but a nice bird to have around!”  My favorite is the first one, Tacky the Penguin!

We are hoping for safe travels and an incredible, once in a lifetime experience!

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