Epic Antarctica Trip: It’s almost time!

We are starting this blog to share our travel adventures.  On Tuesday we leave for Antarctica, a vacation that we have planned for many years and have had it booked for over a year.  It is finally getting “real”!  We are SO excited to experience this amazing continent!

Dave and I will miss our family and friends and Matilda, our rescued dog that we’ve only had since September.

Who wouldn’t miss this cute little face.  She is such a sweetheart.  We are fortunate that my sister is staying with her so she will continue to be spoiled and be the center of attention.

Our travel adventure begins with a flight from Columbus to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to Buenos Aires.  We will spend a couple of days exploring this Argentina city before flying down to the city of Ushuaia where we will board our ship.  We will have some time to explore this city too.

Quark Expeditions will be leading our Antarctica trip.  Our ship is not your typical cruise ship.  It is called the Ocean Adventurer.  It’s much smaller than any cruise ship that we’ve been on and it is ice-strengthened.  Here is a picture of our ship.

We hope to add to this blog on a daily basis as long as we have internet access!  Stay tuned for more pictures and adventure updates!

7 thoughts on “Epic Antarctica Trip: It’s almost time!

  1. Have a wonderful trip!! Can’t wait to see all of your many awesome adventures!! ThNk you for taking us along!!

  2. So excited for you and we can not wait to follow your trip. It is a trip that is well deserving of 2 Special people!

  3. What a fantastic travel experience! Keep those pictures and comments coming. Godspeed and have a simply fabulous adventure!

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