RV Adventures: A Trip Out West! Day 18

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Dave purchased a fishing license for today and he went out early to hopefully catch and then release some fish. He caught four so he was happy!

He had visitors around while he was fishing! I think they were hoping he’d help them out with their breakfast! 🙂

After Dave was finished fishing he wanted to drive up to the newer bridge that crosses the Umpqua river to see about fishing there. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to get to the water around the bridge. We did cross the bridge and looked down at the water which was really clear and we could see some really big fish swimming down river! You can tell that the water level is down from its usual level and this was just before the really hot days arrived in Oregon. We can only imagine what the water level is now!

Elkton has 4 wineries within a 2-mile radius. Wine growing began in the 1970s and the first winery was established in 2000. The main grapes planted are cool climate whites and Pinot Noir. We visited two of the wineries this afternoon. Our first stop was the Rivers Edge Winery.

We enjoyed tasting and talking with the owner. He told us about the wines, pairings and his background and that of his wife as biochemists. There wasn’t a charge for any of the 9 wines we tried.

Across the street from the winery were some turkeys hanging out!

Wild Turkeys

Our next stop was to do some tastings at Brandborg Winery. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we sat outside on the patio, but it was a gorgeous day so we didn’t mind at all.

When we got back to our campsite, we had a FaceTime with our dog and her Aunt! They are doing well.

FaceTime with Matilda

Dave spent the evening fishing along the river.

Evening fishing
Umpqua River sun setting

The end of another good day shared with friends!

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