RV Adventures: A Trip Out West! Day 15

Saturday, June 19, 2021

This morning we are traveling to Salem, Oregon. We crossed into state number 11, Oregon, on a bridge over the Columbia River!

Entering Oregon.

On our way to Salem we drove through Portland and the traffic was heavy as we crossed the Willamette River but we had great views of the downtown area.

We were set up at our next campground by 11:00 and hopped in the car to visit Cannon Beach. As we left the campground we could see Mt. Jefferson, elevation 10,502 ft., that is part of the Cascade Range, in the distance.

Mt. Jefferson

When we arrived at Cannon Beach we had some lunch at a wonderful restaurant and masks were to be worn except when you were eating. Even though we are fully vaccinated we follow the businesses requests. The town was very busy because it was a nice day and all the restaurants and stores were busy!

Driftwood Restaurant

Cannon Beach is a long sandy beach and is known for Haystack Rock which stands 235 ft. out of the water. As we walked up and down the beach, it was windy and the temperature on the beach was about 60˚! When we walked in the small town of Cannon Beach it was much warmer.

During low tide you can walk out to Haystack. We checked the tide schedule and we arrived a little after low tide. When it is low tide a lot of various marine life can be seen. This area is a protected marine garden so the Oregon department of Fish & Wildlife are there to block off the area and keep individuals from stepping on the marine life during low tide! It is known for many sea stars, urchins, sea anemones, and shellfish. From outside the restricted area we could see some sea anemones and urchins but we didn’t observe any sea stars or shellfish.

About a mile offshore we could see Tillamook Lighthouse. It was built in 1881 and deactivated in 1957.

Tillamook Lighthouse

This evening was doing laundry, nothing exciting at all! Tomorrow will be another adventure!

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