RV Adventures: A Trip Out West! Day 8

Saturday, June 12, 2021

We’ve been on the road for a week! It’s gone by quickly! Today we left Glendale, Utah and headed to Provo, Utah.

*Tip: When you’re traveling in a RV and going through various time zones and states, make sure you double-check your daily schedule. We left Glendale a day early and of course we had paid for our stay in advance. This can happen when you have been putting in long days and waking up early because of the time zone changes. The sad thing is that we didn’t realize it until we reached our campground in Provo! Luckily they had a cancellation and we could stay there an extra night!

After setting up camp, we unloaded the car and took off for Provo’s Bridal Veil Falls. It is a popular place for locals and tourists. The Bridal Veil Falls is a natural waterfall in Provo Canyon. After parking the car we walked along the paved Provo River Parkway trail. There were picnic tables, grills and grassy areas that were all filled by families enjoying a Saturday together!

Bridal Veil Falls from a distance.

The falls is 600 feet tall with two tiers.

While at the falls we started talking to a local who is the retired CFO for Provo. He highly suggested we go up to the Sundance Resort and take the chairlift up to the top. When we were finished at the falls we did go to Sundance. The chairlift ride up was beautiful as we looked out at the mountains, ski trails and dirt bike trails.

Sundance Resort Chairlift

This evening when we got back to the campsite, Dave was checking the air pressure on the RV tires and found that the inside back tire was flat. The rest of the evening was spent trying to get the road assistance here at our campground to replace the tire with our spare. By the time they got someone located it would be 11:00 PM and quiet time begins at 10:00 PM at the campground so we told them it would need to be 7:00 AM the next morning.

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