RV Adventures: A trip to the Upper Peninsula, Michigan Day 2

Saturday, October 3rd, 2020

After Matilda’s morning walk we hopped in the Prius to head to Sleeping Bear Dunes. I forgot to mention that we towed the Prius behind the RV on a tow dolly. Dave did an excellent job navigating the camper and the car!

When we arrived at the Sleeping Bear Dunes we drove the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. It is a beautiful 7 mile drive.

It was quite a hike up the Dune Climb! Matilda was wanting to run up the sandy dunes. We were much slower! Her face was filled with sand!

We walked the along the Sleeping Bear Heritage trail. It is a multi-use trail but no motorized vehicles. We were alone most of our walk other than some bicycles going by but there was room for all of us!

After returning from our walk we drove over to Glen Haven Historical Village. We walked around but kept our distance from the other tourists! From the village you could view Sleeping Bear Bay.

We walked over to the Sleeping Bear Point that is a 450 foot high dune and very steep. It has a beautiful view of Lake Michigan. The sign posted warns people not to go down but we did see people heading down the steep dune. We also saw people struggling to get back up. They would take a few steps and then sit! The view was gorgeous from the top and we had no desire to climb down!

When we left Sleeping Bear Dunes we stopped in Traverse City to walk around. The drive was beautiful with the changing tree leaves.

It was getting late so we basically walked along the shoreline.

It was a lot of walking for Matilda! She was exhausted when we got back to our campsite!

Tired Matilda!

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