RV Traveling! Fourth Adventure

Wednesday, July 15th – Saturday, July 18th

Today we leave Ohio for Virginia with Dave driving the RV and carrying our daughter-in-law, granddaughter and the 3 cats.  Our son and I were driving the cars.  We are the same caravan as before but with one MAJOR difference.  The three cats are in a cat playpen that was placed on the bed in the RV and it has a bottom and top enclosure!  I should have taken a picture of the cats in the playpen.  It gave the cats room to move and held a portable litter box.  All of us felt much better about this arrangement!  It did its job in keeping the cats safe and our nerves calmed.


Traffic wasn’t bad but there was a lot of construction slow downs.

Miss Daisy, and the trailer up ahead!

We arrived at the Newport News Park Campground and were settled before dark!  We rented the campsite next to us to store the loaded car and trailer and the other car was parked in front of the RV.  Once we were settled the cats were freed from their playpen and were able to explore the camper!  Of course all of those crevices were still blocked with towels, boxes and suitcases!  The cats did find that they could jump behind the recliner chairs and hide underneath but that was much easier to get them out!  No more searching everywhere for cats in the RV!

After setting up camp we enjoyed relaxing outside in our portable gazebo!  It was too warm to build a fire.  During the day the temperature highs were in the upper 90s! 😅

In our gazebo enjoying the outdoors without the mosquitos joining us!

This morning we had some visitors beside our campsite!

Thursday the kids had their final walk through before closing on their new home the next day.  The final walk through today was also the first time that they actually saw their home in person.  They had only viewed the house with their agent FaceTiming with them!  We kept the baby and hoped they liked their new home!  Thank goodness when they returned to the campsite they were pleased with the house and they had the opportunity to meet the owners.

Friday was closing day!  We babysat when they went to close on their new home and after closing they emptied out one of the cars and then returned to the campsite.  We all went to their new home with the cats included and the car with the loaded trailer!  It didn’t take long for us to unload the SUV and the trailer!

Both cars and the trailer are emptied!

We ran back to the RV and loaded up the SUV with more of their belongings.  Several trips and they had all of their things that traveled from Florida to Ohio to Virginia.

The moving van will arrive tomorrow with all of their furniture and boxes.  But in the meantime, getting the mattress from the U-Haul upstairs for them to sleep on tonight was a challenge! IMG_5537

Everyone tried to get a good night’s rest because it will be very busy tomorrow with the moving van arriving around 9:00 AM.

On Saturday morning, the movers arrived on time, a washer and dryer was delivered, and the internet was installed.  The kids dealt with the movers and everyone was wearing masks, including the movers.  Dave purchased a garage door opener because the house never had one and he worked on installing that and I had the best job of all, watching our granddaughter in a spare bedroom where the movers wouldn’t be bringing any boxes or furniture.

Our hangout!

The cats were closed up in the primary bathroom with the doors taped so the movers would know not to open the doors!

Everything was going smoothly until Amy went to check on the cats and one was missing!  Luna took her paw and opened one of the under the sink cabinets and went in to explore and there was an opening around the tub pipe and you can guess what she did.  She was no where to be found!  They were envisioning her down a wall and them having to saw into their new home wall or even something worse!  That darn cat! Another long story made short, they left a treat trail and catnip to lure her out and the other two cats were now brought in with me.  After many hours Amy went in to the bathroom to check and there sat Luna!  She was picked up and put in the bedroom with us.

IMG_0946 copy2
Luna the trouble maker!

After a long day of them trying to unpack some boxes and direct the movers, the kids are so tired but before going to bed they had to find the box with the child-proof cabinet locks and attached them to all of the bathroom cabinets to keep a nosy little cat safe!!!

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