RV Traveling! Second Exploration

June 19th – June 21st, 2020

We left in “Miss Daisy” late Friday morning for a weekend of camping at the Serenity Hills Campground southeast of where we live.IMG_2480

This was a great opportunity to continue to learn about our RV and hone our camping skills! 😁  We did some walking with Matilda and Dave did some fishing.

It was a relaxing weekend enjoying the outdoors!

Matilda saw friends at the campsite beside us and she wanted to play with the dogs next door!  She did get to go over and meet them.  IMG_2467

In the evenings we enjoyed our campfire and of course ate S’mores!  Yummy!

Dave has been the official driver of “Miss Daisy”!  At some point, I will also learn to drive her.IMG_2361

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