An Odyssey Down Under: Australia and New Zealand Day 28

Wednesday, March 4

We were anticipating today and hoping that the weather would cooperate because we were going on a full day cruise on the Great Barrier Reef! We were going to have the opportunity to snorkel among the coral reef and the marine life around the area.

The weather was perfect! We boarded our boat with our sunscreen applied and cameras ready! At 8:30 AM we departed for Michaelmas Cay. This Cay is a National Park and a protected sanctuary for migratory seabirds. It is located on the western tip of Michaelmas Reef. The entire Great Barrier Reef is a World Heritage area and part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It is also one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

It was a relaxing ride to Michaelmas Cay. When we got close the crew gave a safety demonstration, reef brief and snorkeling demonstration. We got fitted with our snorkeling masks, fins, life jackets and wet suits that had mittens to protect our hands and hoods to protect our heads.

When we arrived at Michaelmas Cay the crew did a fish feeding demonstration. We saw some really large fish!

Our group ate lunch and had a Semi-submersible tour with our guide. He pointed out the various fish that we saw and the many types of coral. The pictures that we took in the semi-submersible don’t show the beautiful colors of the fish and the coral.

We took the beach buggy shuttle to get to the island where we put on our life jackets, masks and fins and then began our snorkeling around the reef.

We spent the entire time that we had to snorkel around the area. It was magnificent!

Our boat returned to Cairns late afternoon. By the time we showered from our day spent at the Reef it was time for dinner.

Near our hotel there was a large number of flying-foxes. We saw them hanging in mass in many of the trees. At sunset, they fly away to go eat.

We walked along the Esplanade and didn’t have a restaurant in mind. We decided we would eat at a place that looked good to us as we explored the area.

After dinner, we were still floating from our day snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef! It was a day to remember.

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