Rhine River Cruise Day 9

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Today was a rainy day in Amsterdam.  Our first stop was the Van Gogh Museum.  It opened in 1973 and contains the largest collection of his work.  Our guide pointed out the highlights of the artist’s life and works.  No pictures are allowed in the museum but in the entryway you can take photos.

Then we visited and toured the Anne Frank House.  Anne Frank kept a diary and she is one of the well-known Jewish victims of the Holocaust.  She became famous after her death when her diary was published.  The house we visited was her hiding place that she documented in her diary.   Of course it was crowded and mostly single file.  We each had an audio guide as we went through the house.

After the Anne Frank house we had a walking tour of the city and end up at our hotel for our last two nights.  She pointed out some of the important sites as we walked.  It was raining and our guide said she’d take our tour on the shortest path to get to our hotel but it still was an hour walk and talk!

When we checked into the hotel we had a late lunch in the hotel cafe, then went to our room to change and then walked on our own into town because the rain was stopping.  We walked around the Red Light district!

We stopped into a supermarket and bought cheese and crackers for “dinner”! We weren’t that hungry because of having a late lunch.  It was nice to relax in our room.

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