Band of Brothers Tour Day 3

Thursday, July 18th

Our reservation ticket for the Louvre was to get us in at 9:00 AM. IMG_5895We were in line by 8:37 which was perfect because we were 10th in line. As soon as we went through security we went directly to see the Mona Lisa! No line! Yea! It was perfect.

Mona Lisa

We then went to visit all of the Egyptian Antiquities which took us a couple of hours. After visiting Egypt in March we were really interested in seeing more antiquities.  We took a lot of pictures and below are just a few!

We couldn’t get over how big the Louvre is! We went to see the Venus de Milo and the statues in the rooms around the main attraction.

Venus de Milo

We were in the French paintings when we saw the works of art on our list and a whole lot more as we explored this amazing museum.

We exited after spending 6 hours straight! Our brains couldn’t absorb any more art today.

Our backs needed a break so we boarded the “hop on hop off” bus and rode until its first stop near the Basilica Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre.

It was a lot of steps to get up to the Basilica. The views were awesome. Instead of hopping back on the bus, we walked back to our hotel. On our way we found the Paris Hard Rock Cafe.  We got a pin from there and had a drink! IMG_5922 After grabbing some water and resting for a short while, we walked to a French restaurant that offered gluten free items. The restaurant was called Le Saotico. We used the app Find Me Gluten Free to locate this place. The food was delicious and one of the owners served us and she has Celiacs also! Her name was Anna.

It was another beautiful day in Paris, but while we were at dinner there was a downpour. When we left at 10:00 PM it was sprinkling and our dinner lasted two hours, something that we aren’t used to having.

Today we had 9.89 miles, 23,449 steps and 33 flights!

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