Egypt- The Land of the Pharaohs Day 12 & Day 13

Tuesday, March 26th and 27th, 2019

Today we took our motorcoach back to Cairo.  It was about a two and a half hour drive back to Cairo and to our hotel for the night.  We saw a lot of baked Arabic bread being sold along the streets as we traveled.IMG_9279One last look at the Giza Pyramids as we arrived in Cairo.IMG_5591.JPGSome of the people in our group wanted to purchase some Egyptian cotton items so our guide had our bus driver stop at a cotton store in town called Funky Brothers.  They carried all kinds of cotton items like clothing, scarves, sheets, etc…

Then on to our last hotel stay in Cairo!IMG_0449

Below are a few pictures from the JW Marriott Cairo that we stayed at our last night in Cairo.  It was quite a beautiful resort.

The next morning, Wednesday, March 27th was a very long day as we left for the airport and our long journey home!  There was a lot of security at the airport!IMG_6520

Our flight left Cairo around 9:30 AM (3:30 AM EST) and arrived at JFK in NYC around 3:30 PM.  It was a 12 hour flight.  Our layover in New York was about 4 1/2 hours.  We arrived home close to 11:30 PM.  So it was a 24 hour travel day!  We had so many incredible experiences in Egypt!  This blog only touches part of our adventures in Egypt!




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