Day 5 Best of Amalfi Coast Adventure

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

We were out of the hotel and on the bus for our trip to Napoli (Naples) by 8:00 AM and it was raining.  When we arrived at our destination the rain held off and it was partly sunny the rest of the Day!

Our local guide was Vincenzo.  He did a great job taking us around Napoli and explaining the sites that we saw and their historical significance.  Its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.IMG_2227

Castel Nuovo is located in central Naples and is a medieval castle that was completed in the early 1200s.

This is the Royal Palace of Naples that was constructed in the 1600s but wasn’t used as a royal residence until the1700s.IMG_2399

We visited the Baroque architectural style, Gesu Nuovo Church.  It was completed in 1750.

The Church of Gesu Nuovo


view toward the main altar


On the west side of the Piazza del Plebiscito (the city’s main square) is the Royal Basilica of San Francesco di Paola.  This church was finished in 1816.


The Church of Santa Chiara lost part of its edifice in a fire after the Allied bombings during WWII.  It was repaired and finished in 1953.

We found this restaurant along the bay of Naples and had a delicious lunch.  Many of our fellow travelers had the famous Napoli pizza but when you have to eat gluten free that wasn’t an option.


Naples was very busy and there were scooters, cars and people moving everywhere!


On our way back to Sorrento we stopped at a cameo factory.  We saw a demonstration as the worker created a cameo out of a shell.

Some of the people in our group purchased some beautiful cameo jewelry!  It was a busy but informative day!

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