Day 9 South Africa Adventures

Wednesday, September 19th

Today we were up at 2:30 AM!  It was our earliest start of the trip because we needed to have our luggage on the bus and heading to Cape Town’s airport by 4:00 AM.  We checked in at the airport for about a 2 hour flight to Johannesburg.  Then we had another flight from Johannesburg to Livingstone, Zambia.  When we landed at the airport in Zambia it was a long line to get our entrance visa which cost $50.00 per person.  Once we were through the line and had claimed our luggage we met one of our guides, Duncan.  We boarded smaller buses that took us from the airport, stopped at the Zambia border checkpoint, then drove to the Zimbabwe checkpoint and had to collect our passports a second time.

Children walking home from school. (Zambia)
After school hanging with friends on the street corner.
Villagers walking down the street.
It’s quite interesting to see a sign earlier that said to watch out for elephants and then a sign leaving the area where elephants cross. We see deer crossing signs in Ohio!

The border crossings were quite interesting to see and experience.

Our driver said these trucks wait at the borders for up to 3 days to get their papers to cross from Zambia into Zimbabwe and vice versa.
The first time we needed to worry about mosquitoes!
Our second border crossing.
As we were waiting to take our bus through one of the border checkpoints, we saw baboons around!

By the time we arrived at our hotel, The Kingdom, we didn’t have much time before our scheduled sunset cruise.

Our hotel, The Kingdom, at Victoria Falls.
The entrance to The Kingdom
The view from our room.
The first time we’ve experienced a mosquito net for sleeping.

We had a great time on our sunset cruise on the Zambezi River.  We didn’t realize that we would see wildlife as we cruised down the river.  We saw elephants,



and birds.

It was a relaxing way to end our long day!IMG_1313




Tomorrow we will visit Victoria Falls!

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